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Unit 2 Leisure time, 2C Listening, Eating out, page 20

Exercise 1 

2 salad

3 stir-fry

4 pie

5 curry

6 soup


Exercise 2 

stuffed cabbage

salad with crab sticks

borsch, apple pie


Exercise 3 

a before

b outside

c restaurant

d father



Woman I think we’re early. Is anyone else there? 

Man We aren’t early. The invitation said dinner at 8.00. It’s eight o’clock now.

Woman But I can’t see anyone we know in there. Look through the window. It’s empty.

Man Hang on. Have you got the invitation with you?

Woman No, but I’m sure it said 8 o’clock on Friday 15th.

Man I know. But did it say Marco’s Italian or Mario’s Italian restaurant?

Woman Hmm. Good question. This is Mario’s.

Man Yes. They might be at Marco’s. I’ll phone Harry and check.

Woman OK, Dad. Good idea.


Exercise 4 

1 b

2 c

3 a

4 a

5 c

6 c


1. Man Great. Here comes our food. It looks delicious.

Woman I don’t want this. It’s got chicken in it.

Man  Don’t you like chicken?

Woman I’m a vegetarian! I don’t eat meat at all.

Man  Oh, I see. Why did you order it then?

Woman I didn’t read the menu properly. I thought it was a mushroom pie – but it’s chicken and mushroom.

Man  Oh dear. Well, I suppose …

Woman … we can swap?

Man  No. I don’t like mushrooms. I was going to say, I suppose you can call the waiter back and order something different.

Woman Yeah, right. Thanks. OK.

2. Man What’s for dinner?

Woman I don’t know. We haven’t got anything in the house. Shall I order a pizza?

Man I don’t fancy pizza. Let’s go out.

Woman But we’ve just got in … and it’s late.

Man We could go to the Indian restaurant in the town centre. Come on, it’s only five minutes’ walk.

Woman OK. I quite fancy a curry, actually. Do we need to book?

Man Probably not. They usually get busy after 9 p.m., but that gives us a couple of hours.

Woman OK, come on then. Let’s go. I’m starving!


Exercise 5 

1 bit

2 real

3 nothing

4 pretty

5 up

6 world



Tom Hi, Zoe. Have you booked a restaurant for next Saturday?

Zoe Not yet. I can’t decide where to go. I want it to be a bit special because it’s my dad’s birthday.

Tom Where did you go last year?

Zoe To the Royal Hotel. It was a real let-down.

Tom Was it? Oh dear.

Zoe You were there, Tom! Have you forgotten?

Tom Er … yes. I guess so.

Zoe Well, I don’t blame you. It was nothing special. In fact, the whole evening was pretty average. So this year really has to be better.

Tom Have you looked at any reviews online?

Zoe No. I never look at restaurant reviews.

Tom Oh, I do. For example, a month ago, my mum booked an expensive French restaurant for a special meal with friends. I looked online and everyone said the food was not up to standard.

Zoe So did you warn your mum?

Tom Yes, I did … and she cancelled. She ended up booking the Italian restaurant near the park – after I’d read the reviews and told her she should book it!

Zoe And was it OK?

Tom It was great, she said. Much cheaper … and the food was out of this world!

Zoe Well why I don’t I book that restaurant for next Saturday?

Tom I’m not sure. Doesn’t your dad have a gluten-free diet?

Zoe Yes, he does. So I suppose an Italian restaurant isn’t a great idea.

Tom No. Pizzas, pasta … they contain wheat.

Zoe But lot of restaurants have gluten-free options too. Why don’t I call and find out?

Tom That’s a good idea. It’s definitely the best restaurant in town.

Zoe OK, I’ll call now. Can you find the number?

Tom Sure. I’ll look online.


Exercise 7 

1 Z

2 T

3 T

4 T

5 Z

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