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Unit 2 Leisure time, Exam Skills Trainer 1, page 28-29

Exercise 1 

1 C


Exercise 2 

1 A

2 D

3 B


Exercise 3 

1 grandparents, ambitious, their children

2 grandparents, both, university

3 mother, disappointed, parents


Exercise 4 

1 T

2 F

3 F


Exercise 5 

1 T

2 F

3 F

4 T

5 T



Tim You weren’t born in the UK, were you, Lila?

Lila No, Tim, but I was only six months old when my family emigrated here from the Ukraine. So I don’t remember anything about it. Of course I’ve been there many times, but only Britain feels like my home.

Tim What made your family come here? That’s a big change!

Lila Actually, my dad went to university in London, and then he went back and taught at a school in Kiev. He and my mum got married and started a family. But my dad really wanted to come to the UK − and my mum didn’t really mind − so we moved here.

Tim My family on my mother’s side came from abroad as well, but it’s so long ago that no one really knows why they came here.

Lila Where did they come from?

Tim My great-grandparents on my mother’s side came from Norway. My great-grandad made musical instruments like violins, and we guess he came here to start a business in London.

Lila Was he successful?

Tim Yes, he was. There’s still a shop in the East End with his name on it, and it’s quite well known.

Lila What about your father’s family? Were they immigrants as well?

Tim No, not at all. They were farmers in the south of England. My dad was actually raised on a farm there, and he was the first in his family to go to university. I really look up to him. I’m particularly proud of him because he worked

Exercise 6 

1a was

  b is

2a Have

  b Had

3a don’t

  b didn’t

4a want

 b used


Exercise 7 

1 are

2 have

3 was

4 does

5 doesn’t

6 don’t

7 isn’t

8 had

9 used

10 going


Exercise 11 

1 all

2 hope

3 touch

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