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Unit 3 The human body, 3G Speaking, Photo description, page 36

Exercise 1  

1 in / wearing

2 with

3 who is

4 in / with

5 with

6 wearing / with


Exercise 2 

1 I would say

2 most likely

3 I’d say

4 It looks like some kind of

5 a sort of

6 something like that

7 or maybe


Exercise 3 

I would say that the woman is in the park or stadium. They perform different movements most likely it's some kind of exercise.  I'd say, it's unusual that they with toddler. Probably this is a protest.

I would say that the leader is a woman who stand s in front. Because it looks like she scream


Exercise 4 

So I think they enjoy it. Because they are smiling

Disadvantages: this long stay in the sun are harmful to health.  Advantages: fresh air is very useful

I often do outdoors sport. I like it


Unit 3 The human body, 3H Writing, An opinion essay, page 37

Exercise 1  

1 B

2 A

3 C

4 D


Exercise 2

1 In my view

2 as I see it

3 It seems to me that

4 Some people argue that

5 It is sometimes said that

6 Moreover

7 In order to tackle this problem

8 I suggest that

9 To sum up


Exercise 3 

1 B

2 A

3 D

4 C


Exercise 4 

The scientific and technological revolution and the use of land minerals have led to the fact that the ecological situation on our planet worsens.


Go to clean energy sources

Protection and restoration of land anf forests

3 Reducing domestic and industrial waste

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