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Unit 4 Home, 4B Grammar, Comparison, page 41 

Exercise 1 

2 more and more popular

3 taller and taller

4 more and more expensive

5 more and more confident

6 sillier and sillier


Exercise 2  

1 The journey was longer than I thought.

2 The flat was more spacious than it appeared.

3 The weather here is hotter than it was in Greece.

4 The house is much more dilapidated than it used to be.

5 My grandad is shorter now than he was as a young man.

6 This area isn’t as popular as it was five years ago.


Exercise 3 

1 longer; e more tired

2 more spacious; a more expensive

3 faster; d more likely

4 more carefully; c fewer

5 longer; b more impatient


Exercise 4 

2 This is the remotest region of the UK I’ve ever visited.

3 Those are the most expensive jeans I’ve ever bought.

4 That is the most charming cottage I’ve ever stayed in.

5 This is the liveliest area of town I’ve ever lived in.

6 That is the prettiest flowerbed I’ve ever seen.


Exercise 5 

1 the least

2 less

3 the fewest

4 less

5 the least

6 the least

7 fewer

8 less


Exercise 6 

1 slower, the slowest

2 harder, the hardest

3 more fluently, the most fluently

4 faster, the fastest

5 better, the best

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