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Unit 4 Home, 4C Listening, Young and homeless, page 42

Exercise 1 

1 make, effort

2 get, touch

3 turn, eye

4 have, word

5 time, life

6 give, hand


Exercise 2

1 b

2 b

3 b

4 a



1 I got a new bed two weeks ago, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve had a good night’s sleep since I got it!

2 I’ve got a new next-door neighbour. I saw him carrying some chairs into his flat last night. I was just going out, so I didn’t have time to have a word with him.

3 I’m sorry, my husband is on a camping trip in the mountains this weekend. There’s no way to get in touch with him until Monday.

4 I couldn’t take part in the race last weekend. I made a big effort to get fit for it, but I wasn’t ready – and 42 km is a long way!


Exercise 3

1 d (increase sharply)

2 f (require assistance)

3 a (gain employment)

4 b (at the moment)

5 c (a high priority)

6 e (suggest something)


Exercise 4 

Number 1 require assistance; currently; a high priority

Number 2 increase sharply; gain employment; make a proposal



1. Woman Can I help you?

Man Yes, I’d like an application form for housing benefit.

Woman Certainly. This is the form you need.

Man Thank you. Do I return it to you?

Woman No, you don’t. You need to complete the form and then send it by post to the local authority. But if you require assistance in completing the form, we can offer that here.

Man Thank you.

Woman Is there anything else?

Man Yes, there is one thing. Is there currently a long delay? I need the money quite urgently.

Woman All new applications are treated as a high priority. There shouldn’t be a delay of more than a week.

Man Thank you. You’ve been very helpful.


2 Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to this event organised by Rooftops, our local charity for homeless people. I know that many of you are regular supporters of our charity and we are extremely grateful for that support. Without it, we simply couldn’t do the work we need to do.

As many of you are aware, there are over a hundred people who regularly sleep rough in our town centre. You probably give money to some of them. And I know that many of you also show your support in ways that do not involve money: for example, talking to them, giving advice, treating them as human beings. But we all know that there is only one long-term solution to their problem: they need a job. That is why today, I am appealing for money for our charity’s new project called Back to Work. This project has one main aim: to help homeless people to gain employment. But I’m not here just to ask for money: I’m here to make a proposal – I want you to become our partners.



3 Last year, I took part in the Big Sleep Out with a group of friends from school. I was quite anxious about it, to be honest. The weather forecast said the temperature was going to be –4°Celsius that night! In fact, I was so worried that I almost didn’t turn up – but I didn’t want to let my friends down. So I found all my warmest clothes – I had about four jumpers on! And I borrowed my brother’s sleeping bag. And in fact, I wasn’t cold at all. Well, only my face. But it was fine. We had a great time because there were about fifty people doing the Sleep Out altogether and we knew quite a few of them. And the fact that it was freezing cold made us feel like we had really achieved something.


Exercise 5 

1 a

2 a

3 c

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