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Unit 5 Technology, 5A Vocabulary, Computing, page 52

Exercise 1 


3 search

4 log on

6 subscribe

8 upload

10 forward

12 comment

13 set up


1 rate

2 install

5 program

7 update

9 print

11 paste


Exercise 2 

1 the trash

2 a link

3 your work

4 your username

5 a new window

6 a box

7 text

8 a button

9 a page

10 an account


Exercise 3  




Boy You know how Facebook works, don’t you, Frances?

Girl Yes, I use it all the time.

Boy Can you help me with it?

Girl Sure, what do you want to do?

Boy Well, I’ve never used it before so I was thinking of joining.

Girl OK, that isn’t difficult. So, first of all, go to facebook.com. Then click on the ‘Sign up’ button and enter the information.

Boy OK, Name … email … password … date of birth …

Girl Then click on the green ‘Sign up’ button again.

Boy OK, done. It says it’s going to send me an email.

Girl Yes, once you get it you’ll need to confirm your email address by following the link in the email.

Boy Ah, here it is. So I follow the link … and confirm. … Now it’s asking me if I want to search for friends. Shall I do that or skip that step?

Girl Skip it for now. You can come back and do that later. Let’s create a profile for you.

Boy OK, how do I do that?

Girl Well, first, do you want a photo of yourself?

Boy Yes, why not?

Girl So, you need to upload a photo from your computer. Click on ‘Update Profile Picture’. Then open the folder where your photos are stored.

Boy OK, done. Now it says ‘Add basic information’. This isn’t difficult. I think I can manage on my own now. Thanks for your help.

Girl No problem. Give me a shout if you have any problems.

Boy OK. Will do.


Exercise 4  

1 button, enter

2 confirm, following

3 profile

4 upload

5 Open

Інші завдання дивись тут...

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