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Unit 5 Technology, 5G Speaking, Photo comparison, page 58 

Exercise 1 

1 drama

2 music

3 science

4 I.C.T

5 P.E.

6 art

7 geography

8 maths


Exercise 3 

1 theme

2 kind

3 wheras

4 Unlike

5 rather


Exercise 4 

1, 3, 4



The common theme in the photos is education. In particular, they show the use of technology in education. In the first photo, the students are using virtual reality headsets, whereas in the second photo, they’re using tablets. Unlike the second photo, the first photo does not show the teacher, but he or she is probably in the room somewhere. In the second photo, the teacher is on a screen. He could be in another city or country. It looks as if the students are able to interact with the teacher, because one of the boys has his hand up.


Unit 5 Technology, 5H Writing, An internet forum post, page 59

Exercise 1  

1 in spite of

2 Although

3 even though

4 although


Exercise 2  

1 It was quite expensive even though it was in the sale.

2 The image isn’t very clear in spite of the size of the screen.

3 I don’t agree, although it’s obviously not a good idea to play for more than a few hours at a time.


Exercise 3  

b 4

c 3

d 2

e 1

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