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Unit 6 High flyers, 6B Grammar, Defining relative clauses, page 63

Exercise 1 

1 where

2 whose

3 where

4 which

5 who

6 who


Exercise 2 

1 who

2 whose

3 which / that

4 where

5 that / which

6 where

7 that


Exercise 3 


2 Χ This is the town where I was born.

3 Χ That’s the woman who dropped her handbag.

4 Χ The cheese which I bought smells/smelt really bad.

5 Χ That’s the boy whose dad is a newsagent.

6 Χ Where’s the book which I left on the table?


Exercise 4 

2 Jo has an expensive car which she keeps in the garage.

3 Who’s that man who’s looking at us?

4 I opened the cupboard where we keep the glasses.

5 That’s the girl who I saw you with.

6 Who is the boy whose homework you copied?

7 Website designer is a job which attracts a lot of young people.


Exercise 5 

2 where we stayed last summer?

3 who you introduced me to a few days ago?

4 I wore to Beth’s party.

5 who shows lots of initiative?

6 which is on the shelf in the living room?

7 whose husband works in France?

8 where you met Sam?

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