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Unit 6 High flyers, 6D Grammar, Non-defining relative clauses, page 65

Exercise 1  

1 which

2 where

3 whose

4 who


Exercise 2 

1 d

2 b

3 f

4 c

5 a

6 e


Exercise 3  

1 χ where which 

2 χ that which 



5 χ which where

6 χ who’s whose


Exercise 4  

2 The car factory, where three hundred local people work, is closing down.

3 During his first interview, which was at The Times newspaper, he was very nervous. / He was very nervous during his first interview, which was at The Times newspaper.

4 My next door neighbour, who’s a qualified doctor, works as a gardener. / My next door neighbour, who works as a gardener, is a qualified doctor.

5 The job interview, for which she had prepared well, lasted nearly two hours.

6 Our French teacher, whose husband is from Paris, wants to move to France and open a hotel.

7 My cousin, whose first degree was in maths, did a second degree in computer science.

8 I wrote an application letter, which I forgot to post.

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