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Unit 6 High flyers, 6G Speaking, Guided conversation, page 68

Exercise 1  

Job: Job A (fruit picking)

1 pick apples

2 put them in boxes

Salary £8 p/h

Hours 7 a.m.–4 p.m.

Accommodation included? No



Boy I’m ringing to enquire about the job of fruit-picker, which I saw advertised on your website. Could I possibly ask you some questions about it?

Manager Certainly. What would you like to know?

Boy  Well, first of all, may I ask what the responsibilities are?

Manager That’s an easy question to answer. You have to pick apples. And then you put them into boxes.

Boy  I see. Another thing I wanted to know is, how much do you pay?

Manager We pay quite well. It’s £8 an hour. Your total salary depends on how many hours you work, of course.

Boy  Speaking of hours, what time would I start work? And what time would I finish?

Manager We start early, at seven in the morning and finish at four in the afternoon.

Boy  Moving on to the question of accommodation, do you provide your workers with anywhere to stay, or do we have to find out own accommodation?

Manager No we don’t provide accommodation, I’m afraid, but there is a large hostel near the farm.

Boy  OK, thanks very much for your help. I’ll have a think about it and get back to you.

Manager You’re welcome. Bye now.

Boy  Goodbye.


Exercise 2  

1 question

2 thing

3 Something

4 ask

5 Speaking

6 reminds


Exercise 3  

Moving on to the question of …,

Another thing I wanted to ask / know is …

Could I possibly ask you about … ?,

Speaking of …


Exercise 4 

1 b

2 c

3 e

4 a

5 d


Exercise 5 

1 hotel receptionist

2 checking guests in

3 checking guests out

4 answering the phone

5 £250 for a 35-hour week

6 No



Receptionist Hello. King Edward Hotel. Can I help you?

Girl Yes, I’m ringing about the job of hotel receptionist.

Receptionist I’ll put you through to the manager. Hold the line, please. 

Manager Hello, can I help you?

Girl  Yes, I’m calling about the post of hotel receptionist and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions.

Manager Sure. What would you like to know?

Girl  Well, first of all, may I ask what the job involves?

Manager The main responsibilities are checking guests in, checking guests out, and answering the phone.

Girl  OK. I’d be interested to know what experience is required.

Manager Yes, ideally we want someone who has experience of working in a hotel, and has dealt with guests.

Girl  Well, I worked in a hotel in my hometown for three months last summer.

Manager That sounds ideal. And knowledge of French or Spanish would be an advantage.

Girl  I speak a bit of French.

Manager That’s good. You also need to be polite and hard-working, and very patient when dealing with the guests.

Girl  Yes, I’m sure I can do that. Moving on to the question of pay, I’d like to know what the salary is.

Manager The salary is £250 for a 35-hour week.

Girl  And are travel expenses included?

Manager No, they aren’t.

Girl  I see. Thank you.

Manager Well, we’re interviewing next week. If you are still interested, please fill in the application online, and we’ll contact you.


Exercise 6

1 I was wondering

2 May I ask

3 I’d be interested to know

4 I’d like to know

Unit 6 High flyers, 6H Writing, A for and against essay, page 69

Exercise 1



Exercise 2

1 2, 3

2 3, 2

3 4


Exercise 3 

What could be better than spending an extra two or three years studying something you find fascinating?, c

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