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Unit 8 Messages, 8A Vocabulary, On the phone, page 84

Exercise 1

1 topped up 

2 disable 

3 made 

4 send 

5 save

6 text 

7 enter 

8 put 

9 left 

10 listen to 

11 put

12 lose 

13 recharge 

14 call


Exercise 2

1 run out of 

2 pick up 

3 switch off

4 speak up, breaking up 

5 get through

6 call, back 

7 hang up 

8 get back 

9 cut off


Exercise 3


2 b 

3 b



1 Holly What are you doing, Sam?

Sam I’m just saving some numbers to my phone book.

Holly Miss Brown will be cross if she sees you.

Sam She isn’t here right now, is she? And I’m not making a call or sending a text, am I? I can’t get a signal here anyway.

Holly I can.

Sam Really? I have to go outside, in the playground.

Holly Watch out. Here’s Miss Brown now. …

Teacher Whose phone is that?

Sam Mine, Miss. Sorry, Miss.

Teacher Switch it off. You know you aren’t allowed to use phones in school.

Sam Not even in the corridor, Miss?

Teacher Not even in the corridor. Now, come on everybody, into the classroom, please.

Holly You should’ve put it on silent!


2 Hi, Sally. It’s me, Daniel. Listen, I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to cut you off. I wasn’t angry – well, I was a bit angry, but not because of what you said on the phone. It’s just that I’d left you a message about tomorrow evening – you know the film we were planning to go and see. And you didn’t get back to me, so we can’t go now because the tickets have all sold out. And I’m busy for the rest of the week, so it was my only chance. Anyway, I’m sorry, and let’s fix something up for next weekend? OK? Bye now.


3 Mum You’re good with gadgets, aren’t you, Lucy? Can you help me with something?

Lucy Sure, Mum. What are you trying to do?

Mum Well, your grandad has sent me a text, and I want to be able to call him without dialling the number.

Lucy The easiest thing would be to add his number to your contacts list.

Mum How do I do that?

Lucy Select the message. Tap on this icon. … That’s right.

Mum Oh. The phone’s gone dead. What’s happened?

Lucy Looks like the battery’s run out of charge. Didn’t you get a warning message about it?

Mum I got a message about ten minutes ago, but I didn’t read it.

Lucy Plug it into the charger. You put the lead in the small hole at —

Mum Yes, I know how to recharge my phone. I’m not that useless.

Lucy OK, now it’s coming back on. So, tap the icon I showed you, then tap on ‘Save contact to address book’. Then you can type in Grandad’s name and save it.

Mum OK, thanks. I think I can manage now. 

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