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Unit 8 Messages, 8D Grammar, Reported questions, page 87

Exercise 1

2 He asked them what they were doing. – ‘What are you doing?’ 

3 I asked you if you were afraid. – ‘Are you afraid?’

4 We asked her why her mum was angry. – ‘Why is your mum angry?’ 

5 I asked him what was happening. – ‘What is happening?’ 

6 He asked me where I would stay. – ‘Where will you stay?’ 

7 They asked if I could help them. – ‘Can you help us?’ 

8 They asked me if I had ever been skiing. – ‘Have  you ever been skiing?’ 

9 We asked him how much money he’d spent. – ‘How much money did you spend?’


Exercise 2

1 where she wanted to go 

2 what time the Italian restaurant opened 

3 if she had tried 

4 if it was still raining 

5 if her brother would give them a lift



1 Man Where do you want to go for dinner?

Woman I fancy a pizza.

2 Woman What time does the Italian restaurant open on Sundays?

Man I’m not sure. Six o’clock, I think.

3 Man Have you tried the new Chinese restaurant?

Woman No, I haven’t. I’m not a big fan of Chinese food.

4 Woman Is it still raining heavily?

Man No, it isn’t. It’s much lighter now.

5 Man Will your brother give us a lift into town?

Woman Yes, he might. He usually does.


Exercise 3

1 Jake asked his sister what she was doing. 

2 Poppy asked her mum if she had washed her jeans. 

3 My friend asked me when I had finished my homework. 

4 Freddie asked Luke if it was still raining. 

5 Nadia asked me if I could play the saxophone. 

6 My dad asked my sister when she would give him back his laptop.


Exercise 4

1 She asked them why they were being so noisy.

2 I asked her how she had hurt herself

3 We asked them if / why they wanted to travel with us. 

4 He asked me what I was listening to. 

5 They asked who had told him the secret. 

6 She asked him why he had phoned her the day before. 

7 I asked her if she knew what was happening. 

8 I asked him how many brothers he had.


Exercise 5

1 she knew Lily’s email 

2 wanted to invite her

3 (that) it was in her 

4 (that) she would look

5 what she was doing 

6 she was looking something up

7 what she needed to find out 

8 it was a secret

9 if she could give him 

10 she didn’t want to spoil

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