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Unit 8 Messages, 8G Speaking, Photo description, page 90

Exercise 2

1 but I’d say (that) 

2 be (that) 

3 say, but 

4 as if

5 pretty certain that 

6 that 

7 I’d say (that)


Exercise 4

1 thought 

2 Personally 

3 see 

4 believe 

5 considered



Examiner Do you think that people who call the emergency services without a good reason should be punished?

Student Let me see. I’d have to give that some thought. Personally, I think it depends. I believe that some people should be punished, but not everyone.

Examiner Can you explain why?

Student Well, as I see it, it depends on why they made the call. If they are deliberately wasting the emergency services’ time, then I believe that they should be punished, maybe with a fine. But if it was a genuine mistake or the person was confused in some way, it would be wrong to punish them. So, all things considered, you’d have to look at each  unnecessary call individually.


Unit 8 Messages, 8H Writing, A narrative, page 91

Exercise 1

1 A 

2 D 

3 B 

4 C


Exercise 2

1 about two months ago  

   2 one Saturday last month

B 3 about two weeks later  f 

   4 after a while 

C 5 eventually

   6 in the end  f


Exercise 3

1 to my surprise, naturally

2a a mentioned, asked, replied, took, checked, was, had, told, suggested, accepted, arrived, told, said, phoned, got on, explained, left, were, heard

3b bwas having, were talking, were chatting, was getting

4c had happened, hadn’t spoken


Exercise 4

1 to my surprise 

2 luckily 

3 Suddenly 

4 Sadly

5 Wisely

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