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Unit 8 Messages, Exam Skills Trainer 4, page 94-95

Exercise 1

1 F 

2 NG 

3 NG 

4 F


Exercise 2

1 NG 

2 F 

3 F 

4 T 

5 T 

6 NG 


8 F


Exercise 3

1 B 

2 A 

3 C


Exercise 4

A 3 


D 2 

E 4



1 Hi Kelly, it’s Josh. I keep getting your voicemail, so maybe your phone’s switched off. Anyway, I wanted to teloing to talk about different ways to communicate using online video, social networking and things like that. It’s next mol you about this course. It’s about how to get noticed as a blogger, and it sounds like we’d both learn a lot. They’re gnth, so let me know soon if you’re interested.

2 Now for some local events. The new show at the Science Museum, called ‘Communicate!’, sounds fascinating. It includes all sorts of communication devices. For example, there’s a telephone timeline, from the earliest phones to the first mobiles – those heavy, brick-like things – to the gadgets we use today. There’s also a section about the history of computing. I’m definitely going, and I hope you’ll give it try.

3 Hi everybody! I’m Nate, and this is my video weblog, Tech Tech. Today I’m talking about the latest version of the Saessou X-phone, the X 823A. You know I try out every new phone there is, so I know what’s good – and this phone isn’t. For one good thing, the battery takes ages to recharge, and it only lasts a few hours. I don’t care for the screen layout either. So don’t waste your money on this one.

4 OK, before I start, keep in mind that I’m going to assign a project related to this subject. So do take notes. 


Exercise 5

1 a phone 

2 on a beach 

3 He rang it from his friend’s phone. 

4 a fisherman (Glen) 

5 inside a fish

6 Yes, it smelled of fish.


Exercise 6

1 on 

2 it 

3 up 

4 someone 

5 was 

6 her 

7 that

8 been 

9 through

10 had


Exercise 7

1 C 

2 D 

3 A 

4 E 

5 B


Exercise 10

1 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is set in Narnia. This is a fantasy world. 

2 Some people say the film is funny and some say it’s clever. Personally, I didn’t think it was either. 

3 The Life of Pi tells the story of a boy who is the only survivor of a shipwreck. 

4 At 3 hours and 40 minutes, this film is rather long, but this didn’t soil my overall enjoyment.

Інші завдання дивись тут...