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Unit 9 Journeys, 9A Vocabulary, Travel and transport, page 96

Exercise 1

1 hot air balloon 

2 yacht 

3 tram 

4 motorbike

5 cable car 

6 cruise ship 

7 hovercraft 

8 underground

9 scooter 

10 helicopter 

11 coach 

12 ferry 

13 aircraft


Exercise 2

Air hot air balloon, helicopter, aircraft

Sea yacht, cruise ship, hovercraft, ferry

Rail tram, underground

Road motorbike, scooter, coach


Exercise 3

1 hall 

2 buffet 

3 park 

4 check-in 

5 bay

6 coach / filling / train 

7 gate 

8 coach / filling / train

9 office 

10 level 

11 station 

12 taxi 

13 room

14 ticket 

15 barrier 

16 coach / filling / train


Exercise 4

1 arrivals hall 

2 level crossing 

3 lost property office

4 buffet car 

5 filling station 

6 check-in desk

7 ticket barrier 

8 service station


Exercise 5

1 airport 

2 platform 

3 port



1 Man Do you want the top bunk or the bottom?

Woman Bottom, please.

Man OK.

Woman I hope the crossing isn’t too rough.

Man The forecast wasn’t too bad. I think it’ll be OK. Anyway,the crossing only takes a few hours. We’ll be in the port by about seven o’clock in the morning.

2 Girl Which carriage is this?

Boy A.

Girl We’re in G, aren’t we? That’s at the other end. You said carriage A would stop here.

Boy Yeah. Sorry. Come on. It’s not far.

Girl I think we’d better get on. We don’t want it to leave without us.

3 Girl Look at the queues to get on the ferry, Dad.

Man Don’t worry, that’s normal. It’s a big ferry. It can take lots of cars.

Girl How long will we have to wait?

Man They allow all the cars and passengers off first. Then we’ll drive on.

Girl Have we got a cabin?

Man No, but I reserved seats.

Girl I hope I don’t feel seasick.

Man If you do, we’ll go out on the deck. 

Інші завдання дивись тут...