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Unit 9 Journeys, 9B Grammar, Third conditional, page 97

Exercise 1

1 had been, would have bought 

2 would have booked, hadn’t been 

3 had stopped, wouldn’t have run out

4 had looked, would have known 

5 would, have done, had lost 

6 wouldn’t have gone, hadn’t been

7 had found, would, have taken 

8 wouldn’t have used, could have parked 

9 had needed, would have waited


Exercise 2 

2 c

3 a

4 f

5 d

6 b


2 We wouldn’t have got lost if you hadn’t forgotten the satnav.

3 I could have got on the plane if I had had my passport with me.

4 The train wouldn’t have been late if there hadn’t been snow on the line.

5 The car wouldn’t have crashed if the driver had seen the red light.

6 we wouldn’t have taken the cable car if we hadn’t wanted to walk up the mountain.


Exercise 3

1 on holiday last summer if you had had the choice?

2 What would you have done if you had felt ill this morning? 

3 What would you have bought last weekend if you had had lots of money? 

4 What would you have done if today had been a public holiday? 

5 What film would you have seen if you had gone to the cinema last night? 

6 What would you have eaten yesterday evening if you had had the choice?

Інші завдання дивись тут...