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Unit 9 Journeys, 9C Listening, Travel solutions, page 98

Exercise 1

1 check in

2 book 

3 reach 

4 check into 

5 hail

6 board 

7 hire 

8 miss


Exercise 2

1 taxi 

2 hotel 

3 luggage / bag 

4 car



1 Woman There’s one! On the other side of the road! Quick!

Man Sorry! I tried to hail it, but it didn’t stop. And I can’t see any others. Shall we walk back to the hotel?

Woman No, it’s too far.

Man Well, let’s start walking in the right direction. I’m sure another one will come along soon.

Woman Good idea.

2 Man Our ship sails at seven in the morning. That’s early!

Woman We’ll have to get up at about four o’clock. It’s quite a long drive.

Man I know. Let’s drive down the night before. We can check into the Aurora for the night. We’ve stayed there before – it’s fine.

Woman And then we don’t have to get up so early. Good idea!

3 Woman We should go to the departure gate now. What’s the matter?

Man I think I’ve lost … hang on. Where is it?

W What? What are you looking for? Your boarding pass is in your hand.

Man No it’s not that. Oh! Silly me. I checked it in, didn’t I?

Woman Come on.


Exercise 3

1 hail 

2 check into 

3 check in


Exercise 4

1 proceed to, adjacent to 

2 refreshments, purchase

3 depart, due to 

4 terminates, beverages


Exercise 5

Extract 2 (formal) refreshments, to purchase, beverages

Extract 3 (informal) due to, prior to



1 OK. Can everybody hear me? Good. Now, we’ve got all morning to explore the old town – take some photos, buy some souvenirs. If you want a map, I’ve got some here, just come and ask. But please, don’t go yet … listen to it’s really important. Our coach is leaving at midday precisely. We can’t be late because we’ve got a lot of distance to cover this afternoon. So I want everybody to be here at ten to twelve at the latest, ready to board the coach. Is that clear? Please, please don’t be late. If you are, we will leave you behind, I promise!

2 Good afternoon. I would like to welcome all new passengers on board and remind them that refreshments are available from the buffet car, which is situated between carriages 9 and 10. We also offer a trolley service for passengers who wish to purchase light snacks and beverages from their seats. Please be aware that we will be arriving at our destination a few minutes ahead of schedule. We’d like to thank you for choosing Main Line Railways and hope to see you again in the near future.

3 Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This is Samantha and I’m your chief flight attendant. On behalf of Captain Rodgers and his crew, I’d like to welcome you aboard Western Airways flight 456, our non-stop service from London to Paris which will depart in a few minutes. Please make sure your seat belt is correctly fastened prior to take-off, and that your seat back and tray are in an upright position. Any electronic equipment must be turned off for take-off due to the possibility of interference with our onboard navigation systems. Thank you.


Exercise 6


2 a 


4 c

Інші завдання дивись тут...