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Unit 9 Journeys, 9D Grammar, Participle clauses, page 99

Exercise 1

1 belonging 

2 powered 

3 travelling 

4 decorating

5 known 

6 taking 

7 written 

8 given


Exercise 2

2 not wearing helmets, who are not wearing helmets

3 wanting to employ her, who want to employ her

4 stolen from the National Gallery, which were stolen from the National Gallery

5 studying nineteenth-century literature, who are studying nineteenth-century literature

6 published in 1931, which was published in 1931

7 standing outside the hotel, who were standing outside the hotel

8 left on the platform, which has been left on the platform

9 not living at home, who are not living at home

10 decorated to look like a space capsule, which was decorated to look like a space capsule


Exercise 3

1 built 

2 working 

3 trained 

4 chosen 

5 taken

6 including 

7 written 

8 watched


Exercise 4

2 Astronauts, spending weeks in space, get homesick.

3 I lost a watch belonging to my cousin.

4 A man, smelling of coffee, sat down next to me.

5 The debates, shown live on TV, will help voters to decide.

6 He gave me a small box containing a key.

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