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Unit 9 Journeys, 9G Speaking, Guided conversation, page 102

Exercise 1

1 horse riding 

2 skiing 

3 kayaking 

4 scuba-diving

5 mountain biking 

6 fishing


Exercise 2

1 Haven’t you 

2 Do I 

3 Had I 

4 Don’t I 

5 Are you


Exercise 3

1 the lakes 

2 train 

3 swimming.


They forget to cover point 4.



Examiner So where are we going for our day trip? It shouldn’t be too far, should it?

Student No, I suppose not. We don’t want to spend too much time travelling.

Examiner So what do you think? Where’s the best place?

Student We could go to the lakes.

Examiner Why do you want to go there?

Student I think it’s really beautiful there. The scenery is amazing – and it’s really clean. There’s no pollution – unlike this city!

Examiner Yes, you’re right. How should we get there?

Student The train is quite fast, isn’t it? I think it takes about an hour and a half.

Examiner Yes, that’s a good idea. Although I’ve got a car – I could drive.

Student I don’t think that’s a good idea. It takes much longer by car. The train is definitely the best way to get there.

Examiner OK, that’s fine. Let’s go by train. It isn’t too expensive, is it?

Student No, I don’t think so.

Examiner So what are we going to do while we’re there?

Student I really like fishing.

Examiner Really? I’m not keen on fishing. And I don’t think many of our other classmates like it.

Student Oh, OK. Well, that doesn’t matter. There are lots of other things we could do, aren’t there? We could go kayaking.

Examiner Yes, I suppose so. Although that can be quite expensive.

Student Or we could just go swimming. Everybody likes swimming, don’t they?

Examiner Yes, they do. And the water shouldn’t be too cold at this time of year.

Student Well, I think we’ve got a good plan. Let’s tell the others, shall we?

Examiner Good idea!


Exercise 4

1 should it 

2 isn’t it 

3 is it 

4 aren’t there

5 don’t they 

6 shall we


Exercise 6

1 have you 

2 should we 

3 wouldn’t you 

4 aren’t I 

5 do you 

6 will you


Unit 9 Journeys,9H Writing, A formal letter, page 103

Exercise 1

1 madam 

2 faithfully


Exercise 2

1 to enquire 

2 parents 

3 do not wish to 

4 I would be grateful if 

5 inform me 

6 clarify 

7 receiving your reply 

8 in due course


Exercise 3

1 5

2 1 and 2

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