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Exam Skills Trainer 5, page 106

Exercise 1

A 2 

B 4 

C 3 

D 1


Exercise 2

1 B 

2 C 

3 F 

4 E


Exercise 3

1 (I don’t at all regret that I took it on)

2 T

3 T

4 (Next time, someone else can do the organising)


Exercise 4

1 NG 

2 F 

3 T 

4 T 

5 NG 

6 F



David In the studio today we have fifteen-year-old Lindsay Adams. Lindsay has just completed a solo bike ride from Aberdeen, Scotland to Brighton, England, in order to help the families of blind children. Lindsay. Why did you decide to undertake this trip?

Lindsay Well, it started because my friend Stella had an accident last year and lost her sight. She was only fourteen then, and I saw all of the stress that it put on her family.

Stella needed a lot of help, and it also takes a lot of money to provide everything a blind person needs. I just thought families like Stella’s needed help.

David  And why a bike ride? Did that have some special meaning?

Lindsay It did. Stella and I often used to go cycling together, so I thought she’d appreciate it.

David  You got people to promise to give money before you started out. How did you do that?

Lindsay I did it partly through social media, and a website I’d set up. But I also went door to door in my town, just explaining what I was doing − and how people could help.

David  So how long did the trip take?

Lindsay It took me two weeks to complete the whole trip, but I did stop quite a lot. I visited hospitals and places along the way that work with blind people.

David  So how much money did you raise in the end?

Lindsay We raised nearly a quarter of a million pounds. And donations are still coming in. People’s generosity is just amazing!


Exercise 5

1 iness 

2 un 

3 y 

4 im 

5 al 

6 dom

7 ing / ed 

8 ing / ed


Exercise 6

1 sandy 

2 itself 

3 traditional 

4 freedom 

5 friendly

6 impossible 

7 interesting 

8 sightseeing


Exercise 7

1 Both 

2 whereas 

3 rather 

4 Unlike


Exercise 9

1 D 

2 B 

3 F 

4 C 


6 E


Exercise 10

1 if / whether there is a swimming pool nearby

2 does a double room cost

3 Does the hotel have

4 if / whether we can check in before midday

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