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UNIT 1, IA Vocabulary, Holidays, page 4

Exercise 2

Anna had a more enjoyable holiday.


Exercise 3

boat trip, music festival, theme park


Exercise 5

1 a castle 

2 a theme park 

3 kayaking 

4 mountain biking 

5 a bike ride 

6 an excursion 

7 a bike

8 beach volleyball 

9 cards 

10 the beach


Exercise 6

visit a museum, go on a boat trip, visit a theme park


Exercise 7

1 We visited the Tower of London …; … and we visited a theme park a couple of times. 

2 Yes, it was great, thanks. I went on a city break … No, we went to London. … and went windsurfing. We went on a boat trip too. It was too expensive. I hung out with my friends. We went to a music festival …; Yes, it was OK. 

3 But I didn’t do much. We didn’t go away. Just a shame the holidays weren’t longer. 

4 Did you have a good holiday? What did you get up to? Did you have a good time? / Did you go on the London Eye? 


UNIT 1, IB Grammar, Present tense contrast, page 5

Exercise 2

He forgot they were supposed to revise together on Saturday.


Exercise 3

Present Simple: starts; haven’t got; don’t like; is; makes; That’s; gives; don’t mind; need to do; have; know; That’s why; don’t remember; get back; can’t; have to help 

Present Continuous: aren’t wearing; You’re always forgetting; I’m not feeling; (What) are you doing; is giving; we’re revising; I’m going away; you’re always forgetting; are decorating

There are 7 negative forms and 1 interrogative form.


Exercise 4

a present simple 

b present continuous 

c present continuous 

d present simple 

e present simple

f present continuous 

g present simple


Exercise 5

Sentence a expresses a fact. 

Sentence b expresses annoyance or jealousy that the person is always going shopping with Cathy.


Exercise 7

1 am meeting; Do you want 

2 walk; are going 

3 love; cost 

4 don’t want; is raining 

5 Are you enjoying; do you prefer 

6 don’t believe; is always inventing 

7 are you laughing; don’t understand 

8 am catching; arrives

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