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UNIT 1, 1A Vocabulary, Ages and stages, page 8-9

Exercise 1

a human being


Exercise 3

In picture A, she is an infant. 

In picture B, she is a toddler.

In picture C, she is a young child

In picture D, she is a teenager.

In picture E, she is in her twenties. 

In picture F, she is middle-aged. 

In picture G, she is  elderly.

In picture H, she is a centenarian.


Exercise 4

A be born; be brought up (by); go to university; grow up; learn to drive; leave home; leave school; start school

B buy a house or flat; get engaged; get married; get your first job; settle down; split up; start a family

C get divorced; have a change of career; inherit (money, a house, etc.); start a business

D become a grandparent; retire

E emigrate; fall in love; move house; pass away


Exercise 5

1 a 

2 c 

3 c 

4 c


Exercise 6

1 emigrated 

2 didn’t leave; got 

3 grew up 

4 bought

5 fell; got 

6 was; moved 

7 left; didn’t go 

8 started; didn’t retire


UNIT 1, 1B Grammar, Past tense contrast, page 9

Exercise 2

She’s 122 years old. She had the longest lifespan in the world.


Exercise 3

1 past simple 

2 past continuous 

3 past simple

4 past continuous 

5 past perfect

a … she married Fernand Calment and then gave birth …

b … the US army was still fighting Native Americans and Alexander Bell was working on a new invention …

c While she was serving in the shop in 1888, she met …

d … who had come in to buy pencils. Yvonne had had a son, but both she and her son had died many years earlier.


Exercise 4

When Tom left school, he learned to drive. = First Tom left school, then learned to drive.

When Tom left school, he was  learning to drive. = Tom left school during the period when he was learning to drive.

When Tom left school, he had learned to drive. = When Tom left school, he already knew how to drive


Exercise 5

1 moved; was growing up 

2 had learned / learned; bought

3 left; went; studied 

4 were (you) living; got

5 got; had fallen; were working 

6 wanted; emigrated


Exercise 6

1 was 

2 wrote 

3 left 

4 got 

5 was working 

6 met

7 had been 

8 retired 

9 didn’t stop 

10 became

11 died 

12 had lived 

13 said


Exercise 8

She was born in 1934 in France. At the age of 17, she left school and got a job in a large department store. While she was living in Paris, she met my grandfather. She got married in 1960.

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