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UNIT 1, 1C Listening, Family tensions, page 11

Exercise 1

It allows parents to lock their children’s phones at times when they should be doing other things such as studying.

Some children might need this app because they spend too much time on their phones instead of doing other things.


Exercise 3

positive calm, complimentary, enthusiastic, grateful, nostalgic, optimistic, sympathetic

negative accusing, aggressive, arrogant, bitter, miserable, nostalgic, pessimistic, sarcastic, urgent


Exercise 4

1 pessimistic 

2 aggressive 

3 complimentary

4 sympathetic 

5 grateful 

6 urgent


Exercise 6

a Speaker 3

b Speaker 1

c Speaker 2


d Speaker 4


Exercise 7

A Speaker 2

B Speaker 4

C Speaker 1

D Speaker 3

E -


UNIT 1, 1D Grammar, used to, page 12

Exercise 1



Exercise 2

affirmative You used to have great hair! I used to spend ages getting it just right. And I used to share clothes with my brother. I used to do that too.

negative I didn’t use to have much money.

interrogative Did you use to spend a lot of money on them?


Exercise 3

1 used to live 

2 Did (you) use to go 

3 didn’t use to pay

4 didn’t use to have 

5 used to wait 

6 used to do

7 used to be


Exercise 5

1 used to live 

2 used to be 

3 didn’t use to eat

4 used to like 

5 used to enjoy 

6 used to spend

7 didn’t use to speak 

8 didn’t use to have


Exercise 6

1 be used to 

2 used to 

3 get used to 

4 used to; be used to 

5 be used to 

6 used to 

7 used to; get used to

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