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UNIT 1, 1E Word Skills, Phrasal verbs (1), page 13

Exercise 1

He lives his life in reverse: he is born old and dies a baby.


Exercise 2

1 gets on with 

2 walks out on 

3 go through with

4 lives up to 

5 run out of 

6 signs up for 

7 catches up with 

8 fits in with 

9 put up with


Exercise 3

1 one 

2 two 

3 transitive 

4 after


Exercise 4

look up to search for information in a book / look up to to respect and admire somebody

get away to succeed in leaving or escaping from somebody or a placeget away with to do something bad and not be punished for it

make up to invent something, often something that is not true / make up for to do something that corrects a bad situation

get up to get out of bed / get up to to be busy with something, especially something secret or bad

go in to enter / go in for to do or have something as a hobby or interest

go back to return to a placego back on to break a promise, an agreement, etc.


Exercise 5

1 make up for 

2 go in for 

3 looked up 

4 go back on

5 get up to 

6 make up


Exercise 6

1 Which famous people do you look up to?

2 Which sports or games do you go in for?

3 What did you get up to last weekend?

4 What kind of behaviour is the most difficult to put up with?

5 What kind of people do you find it easiest to get on with?


UNIT 1, 1F Reading, Adolescence, page 14-15

Exercise 2



Exercise 3

A Links to ‘they have lost’: … but they are probably feeling a sense of loss …

B Extra sentence (does not link to any highlighted words)

C Links to ‘made decisions’ and ‘telling you to’: … decide things for yourself … don’t want to be told what to do …

D Links to ‘physical change’ and ‘emotional changes’: … body changes … think and feel differently …

E Extra sentence (does not link to any highlighted words)

F Links to ‘opinions’ and ‘idealistic’: … developing your own views … your own sense of right and wrong …

G Links to ‘in the company of’ and ‘privacy’: … to spend more time on your own.


Exercise 4

1 D 




5 A


Exercise 5

1 adolescence; adolescent 

2 dependence; dependent

3 freedom; free 

4 emotion; emotional 

5 privacy; private 

6 ideal; ideal / idealistic 

7 impatience; impatient 

8 concern; concerned 

9 safety; safe

10 irritant / irritation; irritated / irritating 

11 critic / criticism; critical 

12 distrust; distrustful

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