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UNIT 1, 1G Speaking, Role-play, page 16

Exercise 2

getting to know your exchange student doing hobbies together

useful things to take with you carrying a dictionary

going to school in England eating in the canteen, wearing a uniform

advice about staying with an English family keeping your room tidy, helping with housework


Exercise 3

She discusses all the topics.

She mentions doing hobbies together, eating in the canteen and wearing a uniform.


Exercise 4

1 ought to find out

2 think you should send

3 Do you think I should take; don’t think you should do

4 ought to take

5 should I buy


UNIT 1, 1H Writing, A message, page 17

Exercise 1

to practise their English, to learn about life in other countries, to have someone to visit in the future.


Exercise 2

information about you, your family and why you are looking for a penfriend.


Exercise 3

Yes. He asks for information about Newcastle and what it’s like living there.


Exercise 4

Adam: Could you please …?

Dominik: Would you mind (+ -ing form)?


Exercise 5

Would it be possible for you to describe your earliest memory?

Could you please describe your ideal day out?

Would you mind telling me about your taste in music?


Exercise 6

He develops the points.


Exercise 7

1 b 

2 e 

3 c 

4 a 

5 d

Інші завдання дивись тут...

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