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UNIT 2, 2A Vocabulary, Love it or hate it, page 20-21

Exercise 2

A bowling 

B board games 

C photography

D camping 

E BMXing 

F read books


Exercise 3

do ballet, drama, gymnastics, martial arts, photography, weights

play basketball, board games, cards, chess, ice hockey, a musical instrument, table tennis, volleyball

go ballroom dancing, BMXing, bowling, camping, cycling, horse riding, ice skating, rollerblading, running, shopping, skateboarding


Exercise 4

A board games, cards, chess

B ballet, ballroom dancing, a musical instrument

C use social media, video blog, watch videos online

D bake cakes, collect figures, cards, stamps, etc., draw, hang out with friends, make clothes, read books, read magazines, text your friends, use social media, video blog, watch videos online, board games, cards, chess, a musical instrument

E cycling, BMXing, camping, hang out with friends, horse riding, ice skating, photography, rollerblading, running, skateboarding

F bake cakes, collect figures, cards, stamps, etc., cycling, draw, make clothes, read books, read magazines, photography, running, weights

G basketball, gymnastics, bowling, ice hockey, ice skating, martial arts, table tennis, volleyball, weights.


Exercise 6

Speaker 1 going camping

Speaker 2 watching horror films

Speaker 3 using social media

Speaker 4 going shopping

Speaker 5 playing a musical instrument


Exercise 7

1 never goes 

2 are always 

3 rarely uses / doesn’t often use 

4 usually buys 

5 sometimes plays


Exercise 9


b ice hockey

c volleyball 


2 chess 

3 cards

4 social media 

5 bowling 

6 figures 

7 martial art

8 ballroom 

9 board game 

10 musical instruments


UNIT 2, 2B Grammar, Present perfect and past simple contrast, page 22

Exercise 2

He collects McDonald’s memorabilia.


Exercise 3

past simple His first job was cooking Big Macs; … he began collecting badges …; … Mike opened his own McDonald’s restaurant … 

present perfect … has spent almost fifty years …; He has already filled …; Mike has been at McDonald’s …; … and he hasn’t stopped since; He has decorated it …; …they’ve ever seen …

1 past simple 

2 present perfect 

3 present perfect

4 present perfect 

5 present perfect


a A year later, he began collecting badges …; A few years ago, Mike opened his own McDonald’s restaurant.

b The sixty-year-old McDonald’s employee has spent almost fifty years …; … he has decorated it …

c Mike has been at McDonald’s since 1968; … he hasn’t stopped since!

d He has already filled nine rooms …

e … it’s the most beautiful McDonald’s restaurant they’ve ever seen …


Exercise 4

1 A year later, A few years ago 

2 almost fifty years, already, since 1968, ever

The past simple is used with ‘finished time’ phrases. 

The present perfect is used with ‘unfinished time’ phrases.


Exercise 5

Sentence 1 means ‘Jake was swimming, but now he has returned’.

Sentence 2 means ‘Jake went swimming and he has not yet returned’.


Exercise 6

1 has spent 

2 started 

3 was 

4 bought

5 purchased 

6 walked out 

7 felt 

8 found

9 has (already almost) filled 

10 has (he ever) thought


Exercise 7

1 Have (you ever) been 

2 went

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