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UNIT 2, 2C Listening, Eating out, page 23

Exercise 1

A salad 

B pudding 

C sandwich 

D pie


Exercise 3

1 to complain 

2 lunchtime 

3 a teacher

4 in a classroom


Exercise 4

1 There are a few problems with my food; But that’s not all; And to make it worse

2 I have to get back to work for a meeting this afternoon.

3 Why are you adding the rice now? What did I just say? Come on, please pay attention. I want you all to finish this dish before the end of the lesson. You can even eat it if you’re hungry at break time.

4 Luke, please don’t sit on the desk.


Exercise 5



3 S 


5 S


Exercise 6

A a bit special, out of this world

B fine, nothing special, pretty average

C a real let-down, not up to standard


Exercise 7

Italian a real let-down, nothing special, not up to standard

French a bit special, out of this world

Mexican fine

Chinese pretty average 


UNIT 2, 2D Grammar, Present perfect simple and continuous, page 24

Exercise 1

Ellie is more enthusiastic. She wants to see the film even though it has already started.


Exercise 3

1 has 

2 been 

3 haven’t been 

4 since 

5 have been

6 for 

7 have been


There are six examples of present perfect continuous:

I’ve been waiting for ages. What have you been doing?

I’ve been trying to phone you since 7.30 …

I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. It hasn’t been raining.

I’ve been running for 25 minutes! 


Exercise 4

1 How long has Ellie been waiting?

2 How long has Jack been trying to phone Ellie?

3 How long has Ellie been looking forward to the film?

4 Why has Ellie been looking forward to the film?

5 How long has Jack been running?

6 Why has Jack been running?


Exercise 5

1 She has been waiting for ages.

2 He has been trying to phone Ellie since 7.30.

3 She has been looking forward to the film for weeks.

4 Because it stars her favourite actor.

5 He has been running for 25 minutes.

6 Because he was late.


Exercise 6

The film has started. And I’ve already bought the tickets. I haven’t eaten.


Exercise 7

1 have only been watching it

2 has Alex been a member

3 I haven’t finished my homework

4 have been talking to each other

5 have turned off the TV

6 have they been making movies

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