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UNIT 2, 2E Word Skills, Compound nouns and adjectives, page 25

Exercise 1

They are sports facilities in unusual places.


Exercise 2

A sea shore, tennis court, tennis player

B main road, swimming pool, tower block

C football pitch, mountain range


Exercise 3

The first word is stressed.


Exercise 4

1 flood lights, football pitch, mountain range, safety net, sea shore, tennis court, tennis player, tower block 

2 swimming pool 

3 main road 


Type 1 has the most examples.


Exercise 5

athletics track, basketball court, bowling alley, boxing ring, climbing wall, dance studio, golf course, ice rink, weights room

football pitch, swimming pool, tennis court 


Exercise 6

25-metre swimming pool

400-metre athletics track

air-conditioned basketball court, bowling alley, dance studio, weights room

brightly lit athletics track, basketball court, boxing ring, dance studio, climbing wall, football pitch, ice rink

eight-lane swimming pool

eighteen-hole golf course

full-sized swimming pool

open-air athletics track, basketball court

solar-heated swimming pool

soundproof dance studio

well-equipped bowling alley, dance studio, weights room


Exercise 7

a 4 

b 3 

c 1 

e 2


UNIT 2, 2F Reading, Field games, page 26-27

Exercise 2

They are geocaching.

The find geocaches with their smartphones.


Exercise 3

a 6;

  b 4, 5;

  c 1, 2, 3

2 By looking for words that give clues, e.g. The writer thinks suggests that the question is about the writer’s opinion.

3 question 6


Exercise 4

1 a 

2 d 

3 c 



6 a


Exercise 5

1 below 

2 all along 

3 across, all over 

4 beside 

5 by

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