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UNIT 2, 2G Speaking, Stimulus-based discussion, page 28

Exercise 1

A climbing 

B karting 

C kayaking 

D hiking


Exercise 3

They consider kayaking, surfing, parkour, karting and hiking.

They agree on karting.


Exercise 4

I’m quite keen on … ,

I’d rather (go surfing) than (kayaking). ,

Sorry, but I don’t really fancy … ,

I like the idea of … ,

Overall, … would be better. ,

That’s settled then.


UNIT 2, 2H Writing, A blog post, page 29

Exercise 1

A astronomy club 

B school choir


Exercise 2

school choir, ballroom dancing club

The martial arts club and ice skating club are also mentioned.


Exercise 3

a One Saturday last month 

b In my view, …

c As well as that, … 


Exercise 4

One Saturday; all; also in; to the school; of them; at the beginning of the next school year; who are; different school; at the stalls; to the visitors; short; great; very; lots of; including ballroom dancing and ice skating

Інші завдання дивись тут...