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UNIT 3, 3A Vocabulary, Parts of the body, page 30-31

Exercise 1

The footballer is lying on the football pitch.

She is in pain and has probably hurt her ankle in a tackle.


Exercise 2

1 nail 

2 wrist 

3 calf 

4 elbow 

5 shoulder

6 neck 

7 cheek 

8 forehead 

9 ankle 

10 shin

11 knee 

12 thigh 

13 chin 

14 thumb


Exercise 3

1 blood, brain, heart, intestine, kidney, lung, muscle, rib, skull, spine, stomach, throat 

2 blood, brain, cheek, chin, eyebrow, eyelid, forehead, jaw, lip, muscle, scalp, skin, skull, spine, throat 

3 blood, elbow, muscle, nail, skin, thumb, wrist 

4 ankle, blood, calf, heel, muscle, nail, shin, skin, thigh, toe 

5 blood, bottom, heart, hip, intestine, kidney, lung, muscle, rib, shoulder, skin, spine, stomach, waist 

6 ankle, calf, cheek, elbow, eyebrow, eyelid, heel, hip, kidney, lip, lung, shin, shoulder, thigh, thumb, wrist 

7 rib, skull, spine 


Exercise 6

1 c 

2 c 

3 c 

4 b 

5 b 

6 a 

7 c 

8 b 

9 a


Exercise 7

1 ankle; yesterday evening; bandage 

2 head; this morning, about two hours ago; painkillers 

3 thumb; last night; X-ray

4 hand; about an hour ago; cream and a dressing


Exercise 8

a ’ve twisted 

b ’ve sprained 

c ’ve had; banged

d tripped; hit 

e ’ve hurt; trapped 

f ’ve (certainly) bruised

g ’ve broken 

h ’ve burned; picked up 

i did (it) happen


UNIT 3, 3B Grammar, Speculating and predicting, page 32

Exercise 2

Using 3D printers to print human organs and body parts.


Exercise 3

a will be able; won’t die 

b will probably be; are certain that bio-printing will revolutionise 

c could save, could play d might not come


Exercise 5

1 present simple 

2 will

3 might


Exercise 6

Moreover, if we can produce organs such as hearts and kidneys, patients won’t die while they’re waiting for an organ donor. If they are successful, doctors could save millions of lives.


Exercise 7

1 could / can 

2 will be 

3 start 

4 will / may / might / could become 

5 learn 

6 may / might / could be

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