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UNIT 3, 3C Listening, The body’s limits, page 33

Exercise 1

Both show people doing physically challenging activities in extreme conditions. In photo A, the people are walking in a desert in extreme heat. They are lightly dressed and carrying rucksacks. If they aren’t careful, they could become dehydrated and even die. In photo B, there is a climber sitting outside a tent in the mountains. He’s wearing an oxygen mask to help him breathe at this high altitude. 


Exercise 3

1 –40°C 

2 5°C 

3 15°C 

4 50% 

5 57%

6 4,500 

7 1/5 

8 1/10


Exercise 5

Randy Gardner 


Exercise 6

1 F They died after 30–40 seconds. 

2 T 

3 F The pressure dropped to almost zero for 27 seconds. 

4 T 

5 F He slept for almost 15 hours


UNIT 3, 3B Grammar, 3D Grammar, Future continuous and future perfect, page 34

Exercise 1

In the last photo, the people have bigger eyes, larger noses and nostrils, larger brains and foreheads and darker skin.


Exercise 3

1 will have 

2 will be 

3 perfect 

4 continuous

future perfect 5: How will the human body have changed in 100,000 years? As a result, our eyelids will have become thicker …; Our nostrils will have grown larger …; The size of our skull will have increased …; our brain will have got larger. 

future continuous 2: Humans will be living in other pats of the solar system.; … we will be using a nano-chip inside our head …


Exercise 4

1 will have finished 

2 will be working 

3 won’t be living

4 will have told 

5 will be shining 

6 won’t be playing


Exercise 5

in 100,000 years; In the distant future


Exercise 6

2 I think / don’t think most people will be living to 200 100 years from now. 

3 I think / don’t think new diseases will have appeared in 1,000 years’ time. 

4 I think / don’t think a human will have run 100 m in five seconds by the end of the century. 

5 I think / don’t think computers will be managing all major companies in the foreseeable future. 

6 I think / don’t think the Earth will be fighting wars against other planets 10,000 years from now.

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