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UNIT 3, 3E Word Skills, Word families, page 35

Exercise 2

1 anger 

2 happiness 

3 depression 

4 shame


Exercise 3

1 anger 

2 anxious 

3 shame 

4 envy 

5 happiness

6 proud 

7 sadness 

8 surprise


Exercise 4

a tired – tiredness, merry – merriment 

b excited, exciting, dangerous, useful, harmless, funny, typical 

c slowly, differently 

d tidily – untidily, possible – impossible


Exercise 5

1 angrily 

2 hopeful 

3 surprised 

4 anxiously

5 sadly 

6 ashamed


Exercise 6

2 enviously 

3 unsurprising 

4 shame 

5 proudly

6 annoyingly 

7 unhappiness


UNIT 3, 3F Reading, Body clock, page 36-37

Exercise 2



Exercise 3

1 G 

2 D 

3 E 

4 C 

5 G 

6 B 

7 D 

8 A 

9 H 

10 F


Exercise 4

1 A young child needs about an hour more sleep than an adolescent. 

2 ‘Larks’ like to go to bed early and get up early. ‘Owls’ like to go to bed late and get up late.

3 Because your blood is thicker and your blood pressure is higher in the morning. 

4 Between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

5 How much you eat is more important.

6 Because they give off blue light, which keeps you awake


Exercise 5

exercise verb 

show verb 

work noun 

hard adverb

record noun 

light noun 

level noun 

rest noun


Exercise 6

exercise noun, verb 

show verb (to give information about sth), noun (entertainment performed for an audience)

work noun, verb 

hard adverb (with great effort, energy or attention), adjective (not soft to touch; not easy)

record noun (the best performance ever reached in sth), verb (to write down or film facts or events so that they can be referred to later); to put music, a film, etc. onto a CD/DVD so that it can be listened to or watched again later) 

light noun (the energy from the sun, a lamp, etc. that makes it possible to see things), adjective (having a lot of light; pale; not of great weight; not deep) 

level noun, verb 

rest noun, verb

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