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UNIT 4, 4A Vocabulary, Describing houses and homes, page 42-43

Exercise 3

a attic, balcony, basement, cellar, conservatory, extension, hall, landing, porch, shutters, sliding doors, stairs

b drive, fence, flowerbed, garage, gate, hedge, lawn, path, patio, pond, swimming pool


Exercise 4

parts of a house chimney, fireplace, gutter, loft, spare room, study, roof, roof terrace, utility room, veranda, windowsill

parts of a garden bicycle shed, garden wall, flower bed, gazebo, pergola, railings


Exercise 5

1 attic: It is at the top of the house; the cellar and basement are below the house. 

2 bungalow: This has only a single storey. / mansion: This is larger and more impressive than a detached house or bungalow. 

3 porch: The lawn and path are part of the garden. 

4 detached house: It is not joined to another house. 

5 gate: It is not a border; it’s an entrance and it opens. 

6 villa: It is not moveable. / houseboat: It is on the water. 

7 patio: It does not contain water. 

8 houseboat: It is a home on the water. 


Exercise 6

front gate, hall, living room, kitchen, back garden, (back) fence, main bedroom


Exercise 7

1 cramped 

2 tiny 

3 peaceful 

4 remote

5 contemporary 

6 conveniently located

7 dilapidated 

8 spacious, substantial


Exercise 8

1 conveniently located 

2 popular area 

3 Cosy

4 tiny; spacious; cramped 

5 dilapidated

6 charming 

7 beautifully restored


Exercise 9


b 1 

c – 


e 3


Exercise 10

Speaker 1: a houseboat; 

Speaker 2: a block of flats;

Speaker 3: an old farmhouse; 

Speaker 4: a terraced house


Exercise 11

1 a some 

  b any 

2 a some 

  b much 

3 many 

4 any


UNIT 4, 4B Grammar, Comparison, page 44

Exercise 2

The people are looking at property to rent. 

They are discussing which would be the best for them.


Exercise 3

1 nearest 

2 worst 

3 highest 

4 further / farther

5 more spacious

a Adjectives with one syllable form the comparative with the ending -er. Adjectives with two syllables that end in -y drop the -y and add -ier. Longer adjectives form the comparative with more. 

b Adjectives with one syllable form the superlative with the and the ending -est. Adjectives with two syllables that end in -y drop the -y and add -iest. Longer adjectives form the superlative with the most.


Exercise 4

a the best we’ve seen 

b less expensive than it seems

c higher and higher 

d The more we spend on rent, the less we’ll have for other things. 

e more easily

f the least expensive; the least space 

g the fewest rooms


Exercise 5

1 F Flat 1 has got the lowest rent. Flat 3 has got the highest rent. 


3 F Flat 3 is the mot comfortable of the three. Flat 2 is the least comfortable. 

4 F Flat 2 is furthest from the centre. Flat 3 is nearest to the centre. 

5 F You’ll pay the least rent for flat 1. You’ll pay the most rent for flat 3.

6 F Flat 3 is nearer to the station than flats 1 and 2. Flat 1 is further from the station than flats 2 and 3. 

7 T

8 F Flat 2 has got the most rooms. Flat 1 has got the fewest rooms. 

9 F Flat 3 is more comfortable and more spacious than flat 2. Flat 1 is more comfortable but less spacious than flat 2. 


Exercise 6

1 sell more slowly in December 

2 is less spacious than the villa 

3 are becoming more (and more) expensive

4 older the flat gets, the more dilapidated it becomes

5 was cheaper than I expected 

6 the cosiest living room I’ve ever seen

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