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UNIT 4, 4C Listening, Young and homeless, page 45

Exercise 2

The Big Sleep Out is a charity event which raises money for young homeless people. People sleep rough for one night to understand what life is like for homeless people in the UK.


Exercise 3

1 help 

2 ignore 

3 try 

4 enjoy 

5 talk

6 contact


Exercise 4

1 No, she didn’t enjoy it. 

2 No, she didn’t. 

3 Yes, he does.

4 No, they didn’t. 

5 Yes, she does. 

6 Yes, she did.


Exercise 5

Excerpts 1 and 3 use formal language.


Exercise 6


2 c 

3 c 

4 a 

5 b


UNIT 4, 4D Grammar, Imaginary situations, page 46

Exercise 2

removing trees to make room for a swimming pool;

taking away statues … to build a bowling alley


Exercise 3

1 past simple 

2 would

But if it were my house, I wouldn’t allow people to visit.

If you had a party, you could invite hundreds of people!

The parties would be better if I made a few changes, though.

Well, if those trees weren’t there, there’d be room for a swimming pool!

If you took away all the statues, you could build a great bowling alley there!


Exercise 4

1 lived; would have 

2 visited; would sleep 

3 could; was

4 wasn’t; would watch 

5 played; wouldn’t find


Exercise 5

I wish I lived here. If only I were a member of the Howard family!

1 had 

2 lived 

3 wouldn’t 

4 would


Exercise 6

a My penfriend cannot speak English.

b My penfriend can speak English but won’t.


Exercise 7

1 would come 

2 would give 

3 was / were 

4 lived

5 was / were 

6 would get 

7 would leave 

8 weren’t

9 could

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