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UNIT 4, 4E Word Skills, do, make and take, page 47

Exercise 3

1 do 

2 take 

3 Take 

4 make 

5 do 

6 take

7 make 

8 do 

9 make 

10 do 

11 take 

12 take


Exercise 4

do What can I do for you? I’m afraid you can’t do that. Well, this house would be a great place to do yoga.

make Can I make an appointment to look around?

take Just take your yoga mat outside onto the cliff.


Exercise 5

1 pt = past tense; pp = past participle 

2 Three meanings are included. 

3 They are separated with small arrows.

4 Because they show a useful collocation. 


Exercise 6

1 C 


3 A 

4 C


UNIT 4, 4F Reading, Alternative living, page 48-49

Exercise 2

Text A is about a sculptor who makes shelters for homeless people out of rubbish. 

Text B is about people who build their own tiny ecological homes. 

Text C is about a microhouse designed by the architect Renzo Piano, who designed the Shard in London. 

Text D is about converting shipping containers into homes for homeless people.


Exercise 3

1 Text B: miniature homes; And with wheels on their home, …; cosy wooden home 

2 Text D: old shipping containers; stackable; The containers will sit on top of one another with stairs connecting them.


Exercise 4

1 B (Now you can find thousands of instructional videos on YouTube, if you want to make your own!) 

2 A (Gregory searches on rubbish dumps to find pieces to use. A washing machine door … A fridge door … has useful shelves on the inside.) 

3 C (The house is called ‘Diogene’, named after the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, who rejected luxury by living in a large ceramic jar!) 

4 B (Ryan Mitchell, founder of thetinylife.com website, who organises conferences for interested people.) 

5 C (It’s really energy-efficient, with solar panels on the roof.) 

6 D (The Brighton Housing Trust has been inspired by a similar housing estate in the Netherlands.) 

7 D (They are also stackable. The containers will sit on top of one another with stairs connecting them.)


Exercise 6

1 e 

2 a 

3 d 

4 b 

5 h 



8 c 

9 f 

10 g

skyscraper, rainwater


Exercise 7

1 He finds them in rubbish dumps. 

2 He sometimes uses a fridge door. 

3 She has been living there since 2004.

4 He is famous for designing the Shard in London.

5 It has solar panels and a container to collect rainwater.

6 In the Netherlands

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