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UNIT 4, 4G Speaking, Photo comparison and discussion, page 50

Exercise 1

bedside table, bunk bed, curtains, cushion, double bed duvet, fridge, hook, kitchen cupboard, lamp, microwave, pillow, shelf


Exercise 2

1 less (tidy) than 

2 more 

3 isn’t as (bright) as

4 the (nicest rooms I’ve) ever


Exercise 3

Room A


Exercise 4

1 whereas 

2 but 

3 While 

4 However 

5 despite


Exercise 7

1 see 

2 think 

3 Thinking 

4 considered 

5 suppose

6 else 

7 point


Exercise 8

Let me see, That’s a good point, What else? Well, … , Thinking about it, … , All things considered, …


UNIT 4, 4H Writing, An email, page 51

Exercise 2

I think Ellie is happy with her new home.

She talks about the advantages of the new flat, such as being close to the shops and making friends with her neighbour.


Exercise 3

The email covers all four points in the task.

1 It’s brilliant being so close to the shops, and the flat is bigger than our old one. 

2 It’s quite noisy, though, as there is a lot of traffic. I’d rather it were further from the main road. 

3 I met one of our neighbours yesterday. She’s about my age. 

4 Also, would it be OK if I used your bike for a few days?


Exercise 4

1 I look forward to receiving your reply. More informal: Looking forward to hearing from you! Write soon! 

2 We’ve, It’s, I’d; She could have used: Hope everything’s OK with you; There’s a lot of traffic; Mine’s at the bike shop. 

3 Got to go now. ‘I’ve’ has been omitted.


Exercise 5

would rather I’d rather it was … further from the main road. I’d rather not go alone. … I’d rather cycle to school than get the bus. 

had better I’d better finish my homework before bed.


Exercise 7

1 hope 

2 all 

3 going 

4 are 

5 from 

6 touch

7 write 

8 hi 

9 love

Hope everything’s OK with you. Got to go now.

Інші завдання дивись тут...