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UNIT 5, 5E Word Skills, Adjective + preposition, page 57

Exercise 2

There is no evidence apart from his father’s concern.

We do not know how much time he spent playing them, and perhaps he just had difficulty finding a job.


Exercise 3

addicted to, angry with, aware of, curious about, familiar with, good at, harmful to, shocked at, unhappy with, worried about


Exercise 4

to and in;

The choice depends on the meaning.


Exercise 5

1 with 

2 for 

3 with 

4 to 

5 with 

6 in


Exercise 6

1 to 

2 to 

3 for 

4 of 

5 with 

6 with 

7 to

8 with 

9 about 

10 with 

11 in 

12 to


UNIT 5, 5F Reading, Clever machines, page 58-59

Exercise 2

A is the computer and

B is the human


Exercise 3

2 d; even then scientists believed that one day machines would be able to ‘think’ and that they would probably be as intelligent as humans. 

3 It doesn’t contain any of the same words as the answer. 

4 Around the middle of the last century = Fifty or sixty years ago; in the future = one day; computers = machines; people = humans; be equally clever = be as intelligent as have downloaded; could have gone


Exercise 4

2 b 

3 c 

4 a 

5 c


Exercise 6

1 pass a test 

2 break a code 

3 come up with an answer 

4 have a conversation 

5 exchange messages 

6 enter a competition 

7 win a prize

8 search a website

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