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UNIT 5, 5G Speaking, Photo comparison, page 60

Exercise 1

1 science


Exercise 3

It looks to me as if …


Exercise 5

Typical school subjects at primary level.


Exercise 6

1 education 

2 lesson 

3 classroom 

4 teacher

5 tablets


Exercise 9

It seems to me that … ;

For me, the important thing is (that) … ;

the way I see it, … ;

Personally, I think … ;

in my view, …


UNIT 5, 5H Writing, An internet forum post, page 61

Exercise 2

1 describe 

2 compare 

3 present 

4 ask


Exercise 3

Sam 245has completed the task correctly.

HollyXX has not. She describes her computer’s appearance rather than her experience of using it. She gives her own opinion about teenagers relying too much on computers rather than the opinions of other people.


Exercise 4

Although it was powerful, …; 

Despite its small size, …;

… despite the fact that I got it second-hand on eBay;

 … although I don’t really think it’s a serious problem.


Exercise 5

describe the tablet and … its features; 

give … instructions;

give your (overall) opinion; 

explain how it helps you

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