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UNIT 6, 6A Vocabulary, Describing character, page 64-65

Exercise 2

ambitious, cheerful, creative, enthusiastic, flexible, generous, honest, idealistic, intelligent, loyal, mature, modest, optimistic, patient, pessimistic, punctual, realistic, self-confident, serious, shy, sociable, stubborn, sympathetic, thoughtful


Exercise 3

creative – creativity, enthusiastic – enthusiasm, flexible – flexibility, generous – generosity, optimistic – optimism, pessimistic – pessimism, punctual – punctuality, realistic – realism, sociable – sociability, sympathetic – sympathy


Exercise 5

1 nurse (sympathetic and caring; you’re looking after very vulnerable people; they have to work longer and longer hours)

2 teacher (punctuality and a good sense of humour, good at communicting; You can’t tell people off for being late if you’re never on time yourself. You’ll certainly be more popular if you can laugh at things. Plus intelligence of course. You need to be really good at explaining things.)

3 police officer (physical courage; You might get into some quite dangerous situations. So patience, physical courage and fitness.)


Exercise 7

1 Antoine, eighteen 

2 Eszter, eighteen

3 Martyna, seventeen 

4 Alejandro, sixteen


Exercise 6

1 more sympathetic; better

2 as useful

3 longer; longer

4 the most important

5 more popular

6 important than

7 the most useful


UNIT 6, 6B Grammarб Defining relative clauses, page 66

Exercise 1

He is applying for the job of CEO of Nisa Retail.


Exercise 2

a who 

b which 

c where 

d whose


Exercise 3

rule a Harris Aslam is an ambitious young man who left school … This is a job which usually attracts middle-aged business people, … And indeed, Nisa Retail is looking for someone who is very experienced, … rule b not in text rule c not in text rule d The job he is now applying for is CEO of Nisa Retail, …


Exercise 4

1 whose 

2 which 

3 where 

4 who 

5 where

6 which 

7 which 

8 whose


Exercise 5

1 The car (that) we drove to London in belongs to my mum.

2 This is the address (which) you should write to.

3 The exam (which) I’m worried about is on Monday.

4 Chris is the friend (who) I went to Italy with.

5 The man (who) I told you about is over there.

6 Who is the girl (who) you were talking to?


Exercise 6

The job he is now applying for is CEO of Nisa Retail.

The job which he is now applying for is CEO of Nisa Retail.

You can omit the pronoun in all sentences in exercise 5.


Exercise 7

We can omit the relative pronoun in sentences 1, 4 and 5.


Exercise 8

1 c, e 

2 b, c, d 


4 c, e


Exercise 9

1 A doctor is a person who has been trained in medicine and who treats people who are ill.

2 A fire station is a place where firefighters wait to be called.

3 An actor is a person who acts in a play, film or on TV.

4 A school is a place where children go to be educated.

5 An engineer is a person who designs, builds or repairs things like roads, bridges and engines.

6 A town hall is a building that contains the local government offices and a large room for public meetings.

7 A babysitter is a person who looks after a child for a short time while the child’s parents are out.

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