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UNIT 6, 6C Listening, Nellie Bly, page 67

Exercise 2

1 as 

2 that 

3 who 

4 of 

5 In 

6 about

7 for 

8 as


Exercise 3

Nellie was ambitious and determined to be an investigative journalist who wrote about serious issues.

She was also stubborn, because she wouldn’t let anything stop her doing investigative journalism.


Exercise 4

a however 

b for that reason 

c indeed 

d for instance


Exercise 5

1 a 

2 b 

3 b 

4 a 

5 b 

6 a


Exercise 7

A San Francisco 

B London 

C Hong Kong


Exercise 8


2 T 

3 F 

4 F 

5 T 

6 T


UNIT 6, 6D Grammar, Non-defining relative clauses, page 68

Exercise 2

No, it wasn’t, because he was asked to do something which had nothing to do with the job for which he was being interviewed. 

He was embarrassed and didn’t want to work for the company after his bad experience.


Exercise 3

1 after 

2 makes sense 

3 has


Exercise 4

1 who both work in London 

2 where my mother used to live 

3 whose mother is a nurse 

4 which is the largest retailer in the world 

5 which is a Swedish company


Exercise 5

1 whose dad works for 

2 who is a talented

3 where she used to 

4 which used to be

5 who I sat next to / next to whom I sat


Exercise 6

2 My local department store, where two of my friends work, has offered me a job.

3 My neighbour, whose degree was in computing, is going for an interview at Google.

4 Completing the training course, which lasted six months, means she can teach English abroad.

5 I’ll never forget my first job, which was in a sausage factory.

6 My violin teacher, who wanted me to be a professional musician, helped me get a place at music college.

7 I studied at the London School of Economics, where my father had been a student.

8 Jemma, whose dad is French, wants to study languages at university.

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