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UNIT 6, 6E Word Skills, Phrasal verbs (2), page 69

Exercise 1

The problem is that plastic in the ocean kills millions of sea creatures every year.

His solution is an invention that would float on the surface of the ocean and gradually clean it by collecting around 20 billion tonnes of plastic, which could then be recycled and sold for about $500 million a year.


Exercise 2

1 before 

2 after 

3 inseparable


Exercise 3

separable break up, work out, clean up, throw away, inseparable come up with, end up, call for, run out


You know if they are separable or inseparable by the position of the object when it is a pronoun. 


Exercise 4

1 two-part look after sb/sth/yourself, look sth up

  three-part look down on sb/sth, look sth up, look up to sb

2 separable look sth up

  inseparable look after sb/sth/yourself, look down on sb/sth, look up to sb

You know whether the verbs are separable or inseparable because of the position of the object (sb/sth).


Exercise 5

2 bring sth up 

3 take after sb 

4 count on sb

5 hold sb up 

6 ask sb out 

7 come across sth

8 turn into sth 

9 call sth off


Exercise 6

1 look up; look up to them

2 give up; give it up

3 ask out; ask them/her/him out

4 come across; came across it

5 take after; take after them/her/him


UNIT 6, 6F Reading, #GIRLBOSS, page 70-71

Exercise 2

1 a She got in trouble with the police for shoplifting.

  b She got in trouble with eBay because other sellers complained about her.

2 a A typical Nasty Gal customer is a woman in her twenties.

  b A typical Nasty Gal employee is a woman


Exercise 3


2 G 


4 H 


6 E


Exercise 4

1 F 

2 T 


4 F 

5 T 

6 T


Exercise 5

1 for 

2 at 

3 to 

4 for 

5 as 

6 on 

7 about

8 about 

9 to 

10 for

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