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UNIT 7, 7C Listening, Poetry in motion, page 77

Exercise 2

pessimistic (it predicts life will get worse unless we make changes);

The last line encourages us to think about how to make these changes.


Exercise 3

a era 

b apathetic 

c straight 

d peers 

e quick fix

f foolish 

g the norm 

h lethargic


Exercise 4

It makes the poem optimistic about the future.


Exercise 5


2 a 

3 b 

4 b 

5 a


Exercise 6

Speaker 1

Speaker 2 F 

Speaker 3 B

Speaker 4 C 

Speaker 5 A


Exercise 7

1 are 

2 wouldn’t 

3 has 

4 isn’t 

5 aren’t


UNIT 7, 7D Grammar, have something done, page 78

Exercise 2

Because many employers have a negative attitude towards tattoos.


Exercise 3

Amanda recently had a colourful face tattooed on the top of her arm. Brad had the names of his two daughters tattooed on his neck under his hair. His friend Doug had his back decorated with a large tattoo of a shield. Nevertheless, they deliberately had them done in places …; … they probably had their hair dyed a bright colour to shock their parents!


Exercise 4

1 Olivia had her hair dyed red for charity. 

2 Josh had his bike stolen at the weekend. 

3 The house had its roof blown off in the storm. 

4 We had the carpets cleaned after the party last weekend. 

5 My sister always has her nails done on Fridays. 

6 She had her visa application refused last month. 

a 1, 4, 5 

b 2, 3, 6


Exercise 6

rule a Because they want to give themselves the best possible chance of getting a job, …; … do not think that decorating yourself with tattoos is acceptable.

rule b For the people themselves …; But when these employers were young themselves, …


Exercise 7

1 yourself / yourselves 

2 ourselves 

3 myself 

4 myself

5 myself 

6 yourself / yourselves 

7 herself

In 2, 3, 4 and 6 they add clarity and emphasis.

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