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UNIT 7, 7G Speaking, Photo comparison and role-play, page 82

Exercise 1

A a musical 

B a magic show 

C an open-air theatre


Exercise 3

They choose the musical.

They mention when to go, who will pay for the tickets and travelling to the show.


Exercise 4

Like: I absolutely love … √

Disilike: I really can’t stand … √


Exercise 5

I’m really keen on …; I enjoy … very much.; … is not really my thing.;I really can’t stand …

Introduced by phrases from the strategy: To be honest, I really can’t stand …; Personally, plays aren’t really my thing.


UNIT 7, 7H Writing, Article: a book review, page 83

Exercise 2

The reader enjoyed the book very much. The only criticism is that the games themselves don’t begin until chapter 10.


Exercise 3

Yes. She asks the reader ‘Have you ever read a book that you just couldn’t put down?’


Exercise 4

Yes. The style is informal and lively.


Exercise 5

1 and 4 are too boring and won’t catch the reader’s attention. 

2 is better than 1, but too long. 

3 is too vague and not appropriate. 

The best title is 5. It catches the reader’s attention and includes a play on words (‘hungry for a good book’) that refers to the book’s title (Hunger Games)


Exercise 6

1 D 

2 B 




6 C


Exercise 7

present simple 


Exercise 8

1 set 

2 tells 

3 twists 

4 page 

5 recommend

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