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UNIT 8, 8C Listening, Global network, page 89

Exercise 2

The map shows the position of the undersea cables that form the communications network that connects all the continents in the world except Antarctica.


Exercise 3

95% of information travels through the undersea cables. The cables are 8 cm thick and they can be more than 21,000 km long. In 2008 a major cable broke and 60% of India lost its internet connection.


Exercise 4

1 will 

2 can’t 

3 is 

4 hasn’t


Exercise 5



Exercise 6

1 c 

2 d 

3 c 

4 b 

5 d


Exercise 8

1 out 

2 off 

3 on 

4 off 

5 back 

6 up


UNIT 8, 8D Grammar, Reported questions, page 90

Exercise 2

war film; Some clues are: Captain Hunter, invasion, enemy soldiers, I really am on your side, Colonel Smith from Military Command


Exercise 3

2 Who is sending the messages? 

3 Why do you want to help us? 

4 Can I trust you? 

5 How did you learn to speak English? 

6 Will there be another message tomorrow?


Exercise 4

1 ask 

2 change 

3 change 

4 statement 

5 don’t use 

6 if


Exercise 5

1 Colonel Smith asked what the message said. 

2 He asked how reliable the information was. 

3 Captain Hunter asked the colonel if / whether he was going to take the message seriously. 

4 The colonel asked the captain what his own opinion was. 

5 The captain asked if / whether they had any choice. 

6 The colonel asked who would take the blame for any mistakes. 

7 Captain Hunter asked the colonel if they could discuss that again the following morning. 

8 The colonel asked how many other people she had told about the messages.


Exercise 6

2 (that) they had saved a lot of 

3 who had sent the messages to her 

4 had sent them from his office

5 (that) he worked at enemy 

6 how he had sent the messages 

7 (that) he had used the sun 

8 why his messages had stopped 

9 (that) the weather had turned

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