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UNIT 9, 9A Vocabulary, Travel and transport, page 96-97

Exercise 1

A ferry 

B cable car 

C hot-air balloon

D hovercraft 

E scooter 

F tram


Exercise 3

1 aircraft 

2 hot-air balloon 

3 cruise ship

4 underground 

5 hovercraft 

6 trams

7 cable car 

8 helicopter


Exercise 5

a cabin, deck, harbour, port 

b airport, arrivals hall, check-in desk, departure gate, lost property office,

c bus stop, car park, coach bay, coach station, filling station, lost property office, level crossing, service station, taxi rank 

d buffet car, lost property office, level crossing, platform, sleeper, ticket barrier, ticket office, train station,

waiting room


Exercise 6

1 ferry; in the ticket office 

2 train; ticket barrier

3 coach; lost property office 

4 taxi; taxi rank

5 car; service station 

6 train; buffet car


Exercise 7

1 can (the return tickets) be used 

2 was (the train) delayed 

3 was (the jacket) left 

4 to be dropped off 

5 has (the motorway) been closed 

6 was (the passenger) asked 


Exercise 8

1 On the ferry leaving at 10.30 in the morning or the one leaving at 6.30 in the evening. 

2 Because of engineering works on the line and part of the journey was by coach. 

3 On the luggage rack above the passenger’s seat at the front of the coach. 

4 At the hostel near the tube station on Queen Street. 

5 We don’t know, but there may have been an accident. 

6 Because heating up the sausage roll takes time.


UNIT 9, 9B Grammar, Third conditional, page 98

Exercise 1

The people are having an argument because they are lost. 

They are discussing the best route to take.


Exercise 2

1 No, Ben didn’t remember the satnav.

2 No, they didn’t leave home on time. 

3 No, they didn’t make sandwiches for the journey. We’d have left on time if your mum hadn’t phoned just as we were leaving.


Exercise 3

1 past perfect 

2 would have + past participle 

3 /həv/ 


1 had phoned 

2 wouldn’t have arrived 

3 had left

4 wouldn’t have been


Exercise 4

2 If you had found 80 € on the way to school this morning, would you have kept it?

3 If I had known it was your birthday, I would have bought you a present.

4 If we had walked all the way home, we would have been exhausted. 

5 If I hadn’t wanted to work on this journey, I wouldn’t have taken the train. 

6 Would Jim have passed his maths exams if he had worked harder? 

7 If we had had more time, we could have changed some money at the airport. 

8 What would you have done if you had overslept this morning?


Exercise 6

2 If the ticket hadn’t been so expensive, I would have gone by train. 

3 If I had known when you were arriving, I would have met you at the airport. 

4 If we hadn’t been nearly out of petrol, we wouldn’t have stopped at the service station. 

5 If I hadn’t taken a taxi, I would have been late for the meeting. 

6 If there had been a ticket office at the station, I wouldn’t have bought the tickets on the train. 

7 If you had checked the timetable, you wouldn’t have missed your train.

Інші завдання дивись тут...