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UNIT 9, 9E Word Skills, Verb patterns, page 101

Exercise 1

The best thing would be the relaxation and sightseeing.

The worst thing would be the accommodation. 


Exercise 2

board a plane / flight / a ship / a train, book a cab / taxi / a holiday / a hotel / a room, check in luggage / bags, check into a hotel, hail a cab / taxi, hire a cab / taxi / car, miss a plane / flight / a train, reach a destination, stay at a hotel


Exercise 3



Exercise 4

verb +


verb +

-ing form

infinitive or


(same meaning)

infinitive or -ing











end up,
















Exercise 5

1 a I bought a present to see if it would make her less angry. 

  b I made an attempt to buy a present, but I didn’t have enough money.

2 a I was talking to my friend, but stopped when the film started. 

  b I began to talk to my friend when I met him.

3 a They were eating popcorn and when the film ended they continued to eat it. 

  b The film ended and they went to eat pizza.

4 a I remember visiting the Taj Mahal (in the past) and I won’t forget it. 

  b I will remember to visit the Taj Mahal (in the future) because it is amazing.


Exercise 6

1 to spend 

2 living 

3 to stay 

4 visiting 

5 being

6 going 

7 to become 

8 living 

9 hearing 

10 have

11 to pay 

12 to save 

13 staying


UNIT 9, 9F Reading, Miscalculations, page 102-103

Exercise 1

You should be careful before you make a decision that can’t be reversed.


Exercise 2

A d – 2 (Too fat to fit!) 

B a – 1 (Can’t slow down!)

C c – 3 (Meet you in the middle?) 

D b – 4 (Top heavy!)


Exercise 3

It matches with 1: ‘ … there is no question of rebuilding them. It will be cheaper to alter the width of the platforms.’

It does not match with 2: ‘The error appears to have happened because RFF, the company that runs the rail network, gave SNCF the wrong measurements. Instead of measuring all the platforms … they only measured platforms that were less than thirty years old. They didn’t realise that the gap between platforms …a bit slimmer.’


Exercise 4

1 D 

2 A 


4 B 


6 A


Exercise 5

1 … RFF had measured all the platforms.

2 … the Mars Climate Orbiter would have gone into orbit around Mars. 

3 … the German side wouldn’t have had to be lowered. 

4 … the top of the ship hadn’t been too heavy (and if) the ship had not been asymmetrical.


Exercise 6

1 centimetres 

2 millimetres 

3 metres

4 kilometres 

5 inches 

6 feet

Centimetres, millimetres, metres and kilometres are metric.


Exercise 7

1 centimetres. The North Sea is 27 cm higher than the Mediterranean. The Germans added 27 cm instead of subtracting 27 cm. 

2 millimetres. One set of engineers working on the Mars Climate Orbiter used millimetres and the other set of engineers used inches. 

3 metres. The German side of the bridge was over 0.5 m higher than the Swiss side. 

4 kilometres. The spacecraft was only sixty km from the surface of Mars instead of 160 km when the engines fired. 

5 and 6 inches and feet. There are 12 inches in a Swedish foot, but 11 inches in an Amsterdam foot.

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