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UNIT 9, 9G Speaking, Guided conversation, page 104

Exercise 2

when you want to go and for how long 2 (a month of the year), 5 (a week / a fortnight) choice of destination  3 (a popular tourist area), 7 (youth hostels), 8 (beaches and the sea) transport 4 (buses and trains) paying for the holiday 1 (a job), 6 (borrowing / lending)


Exercise 3



Exercise 5

1 ‘That’s a long time!’ ‘Is it?’ 

2 The Baltic coast is lovely, isn’t it? 

3 ‘There’s more to do there.’ ‘Is there?’ 

4 We need quite a lot of money, don’t we? 

5 ‘My parents will give me some money too.’ ‘Will they?’ 

6 That’s kind of them, isn’t it?


UNIT 9, 9H Writing, A formal letter, page 105

Exercise 2

Yes, the writer has included all elements of the task.


Exercise 3

1 Dear Miss / Mrs / Ms / Mr ..., 

2 Yours sincerely,

3 Dear Sir or Madam, 

4 Yours faithfully, 


Exercise 4

1 1 I am writing to enquire about a visit to your youth hostel in Bristol next month. 

2 I’ll be travelling to Bristol with three mates from school. All four of us are female and aged seventeen or eighteen. 

3 We’re planning to stay for seven nights between 10 and 17 August. Please tell me whether you have beds available for those dates. 

4 I’d also like to know whether your youth hostel has a café or restaurant. If not, would it be possible to recommend any places to eat near the hostel which are not too expensive? 

5 This will be our first visit to Bristol. Although I have read about the city on the internet, I’d love to hear any tips for places to visit in the city. 

6 I look forward to getting an answer from you in due course so that we can finalise the details of our visit.


2 I’ll be = I will be; We’re = We are; I’d = I would

3 mates = friends; Please tell me whether = I’d be grateful if you could inform me; I’d love to + I would certainly be interested; getting an answer = receiving a reply; tips = recommendations

4 enquire about = ask about; in due course = soon; finalise = sort out; recommend = tell me about

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