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Culture 3, page 114

Exercise 2

1 golf 

2 tennis 

3 rugby 

4 rowing 

5 cricket 

6 horse racing Neither John nor Milly win.



Host So, round three of the quiz is called 'a sporting chance' and, as the name suggests, all of the questions are about sport. Today, the focus is on famous British sporting events, or events which involve British teams. Fingers on buzzers. And remember, the answers you need are all there on the screen - you just need to choose the correct one! So here we go. Question 1: The Open and the Ryder Cup are both famous events in which sport? John. That was very quick! What's your answer?

John Er ... I think ... hmm.

Host I'm sorry, you must answer immediately after you've buzzed. Milly?

Milly Tennis?

Host No, I'm sorry. The answer is golf. Question 2: in which sport does a British team compete against teams from other countries in the Davis Cup? Milly.

Milly Golf?

Host No, this time the correct answer is: tennis. Question 3. In which sport do England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy compete in a competition called the Six Nations? John.

John Er ... is it ... er ...

Host Milly?

Milly Tennis?

Host No, it's rugby. Question 4. I want you to listen to this commentary and identify the sport. ... 'And as they approach the final bridge, Oxford are just in the lead ... but Cambridge are gaining on them. Now they're neck and neck! I think Cambridge are going to win.' John.

John Rowing!

Host Yes! Correct! Well done. You have one point. Milly, you still have zero. But don't worry, there are still two questions left. Question 5: If I tell you that I went to see England playing against Australia at Lords in an Ashes match, what sport did I see? Milly.

Milly Cricket!

Host Yes! Well done. So it's 1-1, with one question to go. And here it is, question 6. The Grand National and the Derby are both famous events for which sport? John!

John Er ... hmm ... er 

Host Milly?

Milly Tennis?

Host No, I'm sorry. The answer is horse racing.


Exercise 3

b and c

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