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Grammar, 4.1, page 132

Exercise 1

1 I'm busier today than I was yesterday. 

2 He's the shortest boy in the class. 

3 Kate's shorter than Alice. 

4 You're not as clever as me. 

5 Today is the longest day of the year.


Exercise 2

1 faster than 

2 better than 

3 more beautifully than 

4 more slowly than 

5 later than 

6 more fluently


Exercise 3

1 the most neatly 

2 the fastest 

3 the worst

4 the loudest 

5 the hardest 

6 the earliest


Exercise 4

1 is less confident than 

2 is the least intelligent 

3 is the least spacious 

4 is less cramped than

5 in the least lively


Exercise 5

2 as it was when I first moved into it 

3 than it looks from the outside 

4 as I thought she would be

5 than there used to be 

6 than I was before


Exercise 6

1 My car isn't as big / large as yours. 

2 There are fewer people on the beach now. 

3 Flats are usually less expensive than houses. / Flats usually aren't as expensive as houses. 

4 The weather is becoming hotter and hotter. 

5 This is the least spacious hotel room we've ever stayed in. 

6 The more you spend on the flat, the more valuable it becomes.

7 The rent was higher than I thought (it would be).


Grammar, 4.2, page 134

Exercise 1

1 If I weren't too young, I could drive a car.

2 If you were more reliable, he would offer you a job.

3 If her flat weren't/wasn't so small / If her flat were/ was bigger/larger, she would have a dog.

4 If Iknew the password, I could use my brother's phone.

5 Ifshe practised, she would be a good guitarist.

6 If it were/was sunny today, we could go to the beach.


Exercise 2

1 lived 

2 had 

3 could


5 didn't exist 

6 found


Grammar, 4.3, page 134

Exercise 1

2 I wish / If only my dad wouldn't sing in the shower.

3 I wish / If only she wouldn't send me text messages at night.

4 I wish / If only you wouldn't borrow my dictionary.

5 I wish / If only our car wouldn't break down on the motorway.

6 I wish / If only you wouldn't tell people my secrets.


Exercise 2

1 had 

2 would stop 

3 would take

4 understood 

5 liked 

6 would finish


Grammar, 4.4, page 135

Exercise 1

2 I'd rather live near the mountains. 

3 I'd rather she gave me CDs. 

4 I'd rather she arrived early.

5 I'd rather he cooked burgers.

6 I'd rather they had a cat.


Exercise 2

2 We'd better save some money for the journey.

3 You'd better not tell her about that email.

4 We'd better go home - it's late.

5 We'd better work hard for these exams.

6 You'd better not drink that milk; it smells funny.

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