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Grammar, 6.1, page 137

Exercise 1

1 a 

2 a, b, d 

3 a, b, d 

4 a, b, d 

5 c 

6 a, c 

7 a


Exercise 2

2 A hostel is a place where you can stay quite cheaply.

3 That's the song which I listened to at Emma's house.

4 He's the man who I saw on TV last night.

5 That's the hotel where we stayed last summer.

6 That's the dog which barked all night.

7 She's the girl who I borrowed money from.

8 That's the boy whose father owns the shop on the corner.


Grammar, 6.2, page 137

Exercise 1 

1 d 

2 f 

3 b 


5 a 

6 e

a which

b which / that

c where

d which

e whose

f who


Exercise 2

1 The Grand Hotel, where we spent three weeks onesummer, has closed.

2 My neighbour, who used to be a singer, is learning the guitar.

3 Our cousins, whose parents travel a lot for work, often come to stay with us.

4 My new laptop, which cost over ?500, has stopped working.

5 The next bus, which leaves in ten minutes, goes directly to Heathrow Airport.

6 There's a party this Friday at the Beat Cafe, where we often go at weekends.


Grammar, 6.3, page 138

Exercise 1

1 Could you tell me where the post office is?

2 I was wondering if / whether you have any mayonnaise.

3 I'd like to know what time the film finishes.

4 May I ask what your name is?

5 I'd be interested to know what the salary for this job is.

6 I'd like to know if / whether I should apply for the job online.

7 I'd be interested to know if / whether you received my invitation.

8 Could you tell me when the train leaves?

9 I was wondering if / whether you have a table for four.

10 May I ask when the interviews will take place?


Grammar, 6.4, page 138

Exercise 1

2 It's very relaxing to walk along a beach.

3 It's amazing that we arrived on time.

4 It's no use asking for a pay rise - you won't get it!

5 It was dangerous to go rock-climbing on your own.

6 It was very disappointing that the restaurant was closed.

7 It's illegal to fish in this river.

8 It was no use trying to push the car up the hill.

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